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A luxurious range of home and body scented products to make you feel special. Enjoy natural floral, fruity, woody and citrus blends that bring joy and beauty.

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Our Scent collections

Ivy May

Ivy May is a fruity combination of Pomegranate and Cassis. Vibrant and full of fun. Named after my mum, Ivy May Compagno, a true Burlesque Babe!

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Luscious Lola

Luscious Lola is fresh and clean with sharp tangy notes of Lemongrass & Ginger, creates a feeling of being in the Orient.

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One of the more recent additions to our range, Marlena, named after the 1940s Hollywood star, is a sweet and sexy fragrance of Lotus Flower, with hints of vanilla and musk.

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Lavender & Mint

The ultimate in relaxation and meditation, Bella Rae is named after my baby girl Isabella, and contains the stunning combination of sweet French lavender and fresh zesty peppermint!